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I know, but we’re talking about polityce.Wiem, but do not say this just to convince you. I have the impression that things are obvious, they do not need to be discussed, the state should promote and protect its citizens, and this does not. I is not doing it for years. After 1989. We do not completely took to heart the slogan: “Education, stupid!”. Not focused on is to teach people about inequality, discrimination, human rights, citizenship, patriotism.

Previous governments for years spoiled standards. Yes, even those governments with whom I worked. The best example of this is the story Authority. Equal Status of Women and the Law and Justice Mężczyzn.Adam Lipinski is now the head of the just urzędu.No. I worked in that office.

For the first minute. Jaruga-Nowacki for the later Prof. Wednesday. Then came Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, which I was not quite the way and for which I did not want to work anymore. And the first job that I wanted to entrust this analysis of children’s access to computer games, where there is violence and pornography. This is obviously an important issue, but it equality of women and men has nothing wspólnego.Chce tell you that Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska also did not understand the problem of unequal treatment of women and men? I do not understand.

Let’s look at what kind of representatives are appointed by various liberal governments. Kazimierz Kaper was appointed by Jerzy Buzek plenipotentiary. Family after serving as deputy minister of health said about homosexuals perverted-distributing AIDS. What did Donald Tusk at the Women’s Day in 2008.? For the post of plenipotentiary. Equal treatment Radziszewska called Elizabeth, who did not have any competence to that.

Besides, he called her a few months after the formation of the government, that is, before the official ruling was unnecessary. And that means women’s rights, guarantees on the rights of women are such a litmus test of democracy, human rights. They were treated lightly, and now it is even worse. But since you have never been taken seriously, what surprises us in this, what is happening now? Why are we surprised?

But we did it ourselves. And it’s not like that in 2015. Something happened that suddenly stopped effectively combat domestic violence. No, never Polish state did not effectively przeciwdziałało.500 plus had to settle various problems in rodzinie.To is not so abstract idea as to the many instances of the Ombudsman, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, regardless of what these of concern, writes in response to a 500 plus. Domestic violence, child support, there is always 500 plus.

As if this program was to be the cure for all evils. I have to be honest and say that actually allowed many people to change their lives, their dignity restored. While this is not a cure for violence. As drug violence is not preventing alcoholism, as if he wished Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro. He very clearly said that the cause of violence is alcohol.

And if to counteract alcoholism, it will eliminate violence. This is again a misunderstanding. It’s not alcohol beats, it beats the perpetrator. Beats because somewhere in the course of his life he learned that it is a tool, and that he has the right to use it. Beating, abusing, because it can.

Very much is said about the family in the last few years, but you can not actually powder. In some families there is violence. And we either fight it, or sweep things under the carpet and acknowledge that there is no real family violence. But Prime Minister Morawiecki said that violence occurs mainly in konkubinatach.A at the Highlanders as violence? In the highland families, as councilors believe in Zakopane, there is simply no violence, because Zakopane does not implement provisions of the Act antyprzemocowej.

Well, but again I have to say honestly. These provisions of the Act, which does not implement Zakopane, entered into the system in 2010. And since then no government has done with porządku.Czyli Zakopane Highlanders can beat at will? They can. We hear statements criticizing antyprzemocową Convention, as well as those that councilors in Zakopane are great because not appointed an interdisciplinary team and did not receive the program on the prevention of domestic violence. We hear that they are not the funds for the leading non-governmental organizations involved in combating violence. In fact, taking into account the functioning of the system in Poland, everyone can, and in Warsaw, and in Szydłowcu.I in your family Skarzysko-Kamienna?

And there too. I see a setback, but it was never so, that some of the governments set the goal of preventing the przemocy.Pani said “regression” … I can say: undo. I use stronger words. If the proposed project entered into force, it would be like in Russia.

You would fight impunity. The most important conclusion that flows from it, is that the person who once experienced violence, does not deserve help and support. Besides, this project solutions were completely not taking account of the specific nature of violence, eg. Such that the victim must agree to initiate the procedure “Blue Card”. The victim is entangled emotionally, financially, experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome, syndrome of learned helplessness. The assumption that express freely or not freely consent to the initiation of the procedure is to put it mildly nieporozumieniem.Premier Morawiecki decided to withdraw the project wnioskodawców.Z Twitter about this dowiedzieliśmy.Wnioskodawcy is Rafalska.Która minister now claims that the project did not leave the Ministry …

But we saw it on the Government Legislation Center, together with a letter signed by Elizabeth Bojanowska, who directed him to a public consultation. As a patriot wymagałabym professionalism of the action of my country, the minister and her office Rafalski. From the statements of the minister it indicates if someone stepped out of line. And if so – maybe he should suffer the consequences … I suggest that excellent guidelines on how to write the law, in terms of legislative technique.

Paragraph first principles shows where to begin writing the project. And no, this is not the title of the Act, only the analysis of the current legal situation and reflect on whether a change is needed, and if so, whether it requires a change in the law, or changes in any other way. There is a mass analyzes, reports, opinions, as ombudsman, on how this system of prevention of domestic violence does not work and what needs to change. However, given the actions of this government, it had already dealt with a few moments when the rights of women trying to weaken. The case of violence is another attempt to weaken these praw.Rozmawiałam with Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz in 2016. She said that the PO lost the election, he went too far to the left, was on matters philosophical standards. In vitro activities … antyprzemocowe are also philosophical issues?

I worked in the government of Prime Minister Tusk and Health Minister in the government of Prime Minister, and looking at the discussion on the ratification of the Convention antyprzemocowej, is about the mythical gender. On the other hand, if we deal with something as important as in vitro or convention antyprzemocowa at the end of the term, and that was the end of the term of office of President Komorowski and the time before the parliamentary elections, it raises doubts as to whether this case is not a measure designed to attract votes just before the elections. Sad is that women’s rights is something that can sink your campaign or policy to let him win. I do not understand why you have become such a political issue. After all, they should be neutral. Especially when it comes to domestic violence.

After all, everyone from left to right ought to agree that this is unacceptable, unacceptable and with determination, as well as a consequence of action taken to combat this phenomenon. I believe that a large part of society is not violent, just tolerant, but is silent. Please see how many people protested against this project. So much that the Prime Minister has decided to abandon the project, which is rife with absurdities, of which I said. There, someone entered a provision that after reporting to the police of domestic violence a special group will examine whether this case is not about civil conflict. And again, mixing violence, that is, zero-one situations, conflict, quarrel between two equal persons, the foundation is that it is an internal matter that the spouses or partners is a must somehow solve themselves, and the state should not interfere.

This is a reproduction of harmful stereotypes about violence in rodzinie.Mój house – my twierdza.Znam saying it’s terrible. Its cost to women, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, the most weak, vulnerable, often themselves not to complain to, do not agree, do not turn to nikogo.Tylko fear? No, too shame. We also zawstydzamy.Wy them – officials? I speak in the first person plural, even after this, no one to point the finger. Of course, I try not to embarrass victims.

I say we – society, we – the representatives of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary. All the time, we believe that the victim deserved himself that he somehow contributed to this, him that she was upset that she herself is guilty should go, but stupid, do not go, so I guess she likes it and accepts it. We blame her, embarrass, and in the end we do not believe it. And this is probably the worst. We question what she tells us, we undermine its credibility. I have not met with situations when someone suffers a different kind of violence from strangers, or is the victim of pay for research paper high school a crime, so we do not trust him, so it shaming and blaming.

If someone steals your bike, then you no one will ask, but are you sure you had this bike, but where it was you, maybe someone just borrowed it myself, can you just think they stole it. A person experiencing violence in the family so to speak. It is said, and do not you exaggerating, and if you do not think, after all, he is such a good father, sympathetic neighbor, a nice fellow, he does not look like the perpetrator of violence in rodzinie.Nie so long ago you said that violence and no sex męska.I sex is for this reason even the ombudsman received a petition for my odwołanie.Od whom, from men? One woman was in this group. I often say that does not diminish any of the victims of injustice, I realize that the very different groups, including men, are experiencing domestic violence. With this, it is “also” can not mean: comparably.

The statistics are very clear, show that the majority of adult victims are women. However, I do not refuse anyone help and support. I want to work against all the myths and prejudices that cause the man to the police the applicant is asked: and if you yourself can not cope with his wife. It embarrasses and neglected. They use the same mechanisms for victims of men as to women victims.

And if not eliminate these mechanisms, and women and men still they will not be reported to the police. I will not help, and operationally speaking, do not enter the systemu.W December lady organized campaign 16 days without violence, then the holidays, you went on vacation, return and failure, the entire robot on nic.Rzecznik Bodnar says that our actions and their effects look like pouring water into a bucket with a spoon, and to do so in this bucket is still such a small hole, so what pour slowly leaking … this is what happens, it causes anger, and so motivates and drives me to be more effective, to be further arguments, and search for new allies sojuszniczek.Dochodzą Mrs. letters from people, victims of violence, or get stuck somewhere in the Office of the Ombudsman do not get stuck. More and more often I get letters addressed directly to me in my name. Still, few people associate that domestic violence is a matter for the Ombudsman. And that’s why I try to communicate everywhere and enable eg. In such actions, as he writes 16 dni.Kto? Not only women.

They write a perpetrator who believe they have been wrongly convicted. They write because they want to ROP filed a cassation appeal against the judgment skazującego.Chcą want you to their uratowała.Piszą also people who believe wrongly that the procedure initiated against them “blue card”. Of course, we’re not from that to settle, just to determine whether all the requirements arising from the provisions have been met. This system has many shortcomings, perfectly described by the President of the NIK Krzysztof Kwiatkowski. In general, if you took the NIK reports, to implement the conclusions of life flowing, it really would live in almost perfect świecie.Na If this is the papierze.Ale such documentation, sending recommendations to the relevant authorities it is the job of the SCC.

Of course, you may be wondering the sanctioning powers of this institution, so as to be thinking about such rights in the case of ROP. Spokesman it can “only” to write. But it is important to inform, alert, show that bottlenecks and well it essentially argue, because then you might have a zmieni.Wchodzi your policy? No, not wchodzę.Lista to the European Parliament grouping Robert Biedroń this is not about you ? My cohabitant, Dr. Marcin Anaszewicz, is chief of staff Robert Biedroń and the head of the think tank. Besides, we know from Robert Biedron several years.

We are friends. Martin with him a long time, accompanied him in various election campaigns. Restrukturyzował Slupsk for Robert. We work closely together. Tyle.I It’s not like that in three days you say, however, that you start that Brussels will be easier to fight for the rights of citizens?

Robert Biedroń not talked to me about this, did not submit proposals. Besides, if I had to go into politics, give up work here in the Office of the Ombudsman, the first person who would have found out about it, it would be my boss, Dr. Adam Bodnar.W policy would have more lady sprawczość.Pracowałam the five governments in Poland, I know that with this agency of not always easy. We work at the interface of politics. In the office of the Ombudsman we do just that, or until what belongs to us. I think that a huge role in the activities of the Office of the Ombudsman plays involvement and activity of Adam Bodnara.Zdejmą you niedługo.Nasza term ends in September 2020 r.Po all wyborach.Sprawczość is very important to me. I decided for her to become a Deputy Ombudsman.

Although I was afraid that I decided that in this office, this position can do something important for the people. When I think about my life, about what its purpose is, first of all change the reality better. I know this is pompous and idealistic, but I am very critical of the existing situation and have ideals on human rights. For this I am a feminist non-denominational and a vegan for which issues of animal rights and environmental protection are very important. When you do not have a husband, I have no children.

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